Make A Hands-Free Phone System For Your Car

Make A Hands-Free Phone System For Your Car

If you’d rather not keep a bluetooth headset plugged into your ear, here’s how to cobble together a hands-free system on your dashboard.

Using your phone while driving can be dangerous, but having your hands-free headset in can be just as bad — especially if it stops you from hearing the cars around you. DIYer scion6tc put together a guide over at Instructables that hacks together a hands-free system that goes through your car’s speakers.

For the most part, all you need is a headset from your phone (that you’ll take apart), some speaker cables and passing knowledge of electronics and soldering. From there, you can just hit the voice search button on your phone and start talking to make calls. Hit the link to see how it’s done.

Make Your Own Hands Free Car System For Your Phone [Instructables]


    • Or just buy a Bluetooth speaker phone with FM transmitter and listen to your phone over one of the fm stations .I bought a Motorola t505 from eBay for $50 but Plantronics have one as well for $80

  • I’m actually taking on a similar project myself.
    I’m installing a Nokia ck-100 into my 2004 Holden commodore. I need to install an auxiliary in plug for the Bluetooth kit to play through the radio, which a guy from ASR audio has supplied me with.

    Once installed, the system will play music over Bluetooth through my car stereo and amp, automatically answer calls, make my aerial go down during music playback, mute the radio during a call or navigation instruction.

    Iv bought most of the gear from ebay, and so far has cost me about $200.

    The best part about this modification is that there will be no visible changes to the car, making it look nice and stock.


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