Weekly Wallpaper: Make Your Desktop Say WTF

The internet knows how to translate some of the strangest ideas into images, and sometimes they're not only weird but attractive as well. Here are some of the odder wallpapers that will make your desktop say "WTF?!"


Download this wallpaper [Rob Sheridan 1920x1200]

Furry Thing

Download this wallpaper [HDW 1920x1200]

Chasing the Fridge

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1680x1050]

Mens, Womens, WTFs

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1600x1200]

WTF Meat

Download this wallpaper [4000x2934 The Paper Wall]

Too Much Junk Food

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1440x900]

Four Years of Slap

Download this wallpaper [Slap Upside he Head 1920x1080]


Download this wallpaper [imgBASE 1280x1024]

Christmas for Gifts

Download this wallpaper [imgBASE 1920x1200]

Man Suit

Download this wallpaper [LulzImg 1920x1200]



    I must have the full sized version of Children for my desktop!
    but the link is broken.
    Does anyone know where there might be a mirror or a working link?

      Right click the graphic and choose "Copy Image URL" or what it might be with your browser. Open google image search then click the little camera icon on the right of the search bar. Paste the URL above into the form and press OK. http://www.wallz.eu/photo/162284/icwcream.jpg is one of them, many other sizes there too.

        And it seems that Google Image Search also shows the original artist is: http://sheharzad.com/ it's at G.3 on the page.

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