Make 'Do Not Need' Lists To Save Money

Clutter is an evil we all have to fight, and if you've ever discovered that you bought something you didn't need — spaghetti sauce, for example, when a jar was hiding in the back of your pantry — doing an inventory and making "do not need" lists may help.

Aloysa on My Broken Coin suggests a couple of places where these lists can be put to use: In the bathroom, you might fight scores of cleaning supplies, shampoos and shower gels. The pantry and freezer are two other obvious spots to check; a "do not need list" will keep your actual shopping list shorter.

Also take a look at your closet and do an inventory before you go clothes shopping. (I'll admit to spur-of-the-moment clothes purchases for my daughter where I would've saved some money if I had this "do not need" list.)

How "Do Not Need" Lists Can Save You a Buck [My Broken Coin]


    I noted awhile ago to friends that my shopping lists also included a "DON'T BUY" list to prevent the worst excesses of consumerist "ohh bright and shiny must have"-ness.

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