Make Caramel From Sweetened Condensed Milk

If you'd like to have caramel handy for baking projects or just eating with a spoon you can make it easily by boiling a closed can of condensed milk in water for two hours.

Flickr user Pinot Dina figured out if you bring a pot of water to boil then immerse a can of sweetened condensed milk on its side. You'll need to simmer the can for two hours, adding extra water as needed so that the can is always covered in water. When the time is up, remove the can and let it cool before you open it up, lest hot caramel splatter attacks ensue.

Give it a try next time you need some caramel.

How to make caramel from sweetened condensed milk [Flickr]


    ...and do not, I repeat, DO NOT, forget about it and not top the water up. My grandparents use this technique but ended up with toffee/caramel coating most of the surfaces of their kitchen through an exploding can. Bad news.

      But the explosion lets us know when it's ready. :P

        Think of it as less of an explosion and more of a self-opening can.

    But why bother? Most supermarkets sell cans of caramel right beside the sweetened condensed milk.

      its actually a totally different flavour - try it and youll agree its much better than buying the top n fill crap

        Agreed, even though its made by the same people it just doesnt taste the same..

          and it tastes even better when your Mum makes it in a firepit that is covered by a large piece of wet bark that Dad scrounged to stop the fire going out during a torrential downpour on one of our greatest camping trips of all time!!!

          the solution for exploding ones is to buy the cans of condensed milk that don't have ring pulls. ring pull cans suck for this stuff.

        Has anyone tried putting the can of Top n Fill in a saucepan instead of condensed milk?

          Why bother doing that, it's much more expensive....

    "Flickr user Pinot Dina figured out " - Figured out by reading any recipe from the last 60 years.

      Yup! Mum used to use this same technique when making her caramel tarts when I was little, until one day the tin blew open and sprayed boiling-hot caramel all throughout the kitchen, walls, roof and it managed to make it's way out near the front door. lol. Lucky no one was hurt but cleaning sucked..

        Yeah, this technique has been used by my family for over 40 years now, and in over 5 countries.

    Oh look, I stumbled onto an internet article from 1960....

    Seriously, is this news to anyone except Pinot Dina?

    apparently david galloway is -really good- at not only fact checking, but comprehension, too.

    the flicker user name is "pinot & dita", (not "pinot dina") and -they- lay no such claim to having "figured out", discovered, or invented this technique if you click through the source link. it's just a recipe. they don't say it's theirs.

    Wow... what a revolutionary way to make caramel.

    How about just mix cream, butter and dark brown sugar in a saucepan? That's what I do for my sticky date pudding. It's a lot quicker than 2 hours and no risk of explosions.

      mmmm sticky date pudding. Damn I wanna bake now...

    Boils the can in a pressure cooker, like my Mum did. Never had an explosion, and even if there was, it would be contained.
    And the big bonus is that it only takes 1 hour to cook. I hate the waiting and anticipation!

    Done this for years, you guys are a tad late here, good job though, the more that know the better

    I've never known about this. Ever. It sounds heavenly :3

    The best caramel recipe I have made is much quicker and tastier. Combine condensed milk with some butter and a squirt(technical I know) of golden syrup and cook on low until it is thickened and slightly golden. THEN add salt to taste. Allow to cool a little to eat or risk burning your tounge. This stuff is the bombdiggity on its own but over icecream it reached a whole new level of insane balls.

    I know this discussion is OLD but I really need help NOW!! ... I have made this before (last Christmas) Can you use the new "POP TOP" where you do not NEED a can opener - I am trying to find out - before I buy the cans.. I don't know if those new pop top cans be boiled without popping open. I tried everywhere in my neighbor hood to find the old condensed milk cans... and they all have the flip tops - I do not want an explosion in the kitchen :o) I sure hope someone reads this?! I have 5 days to do these.. 20 of them.

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