Make Better Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Oven

Make Better Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Oven

Naturally most of us think hard-boiled eggs should be boiled, but a better way to get that perfect hard-“boiled” egg may be to actually bake it, according to Alton Brown. You can bake dozens of creamier eggs at once.

Tanya at the Greetings from the Asylum blog says that the baked eggs are also less sulphurous or smelly, and reproduces Alton Brown’s recipe posted on

Essentially, you’re baking the eggs at 160C for 30 minutes, with the eggs placed parallel to the bars on the racks as shown above.

This would be great to do for a large party or just if you love eating a lot of eggs.

Got Eggs? [Greetings from the Asylum]


  • We have a little (cheap) machine that we use. If you want it hard boiled add 45ml water, soft yoke add 30ml.. switch it on, wait 8 to 12 minutes and it’s done. Basically we chuck in a few eggs, chuck in the water, turn it on and go to bed.. it automatically switchs off when it runs out of water to steam.

    The above oven method would be good for large amounts of eggs but the convenience is lost by having them in the oven and having to wait half an hour.

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