Make A Side Table From A Vinyl Record

Ever since I spotted this hack combining an old-fashioned vinyl record with the $6.99 Marius stool from IKEA, I knew I had to try it for myself eventually. The end result is a unique and fun piece of furniture that costs well under $10 if you buy a second-hand LP.

Essentially, all you have to do is drill a hole through the centre of the Marius stool seat and then use the supplied bolt to attach the vinyl LP (or 12″ dance remix) of your choice. Jonathan, the original poster at IKEA Hacker, made the hole using a screwdriver. I used a drill, and found it such hard going that I’m impressed it’s possible just using manual labour.

With a 5mm drill bit, you can get a size that matches pretty closely to a conventional record, and then screw in the supplied bolt in from the top. That also means you can swap out the record whenever you like (though once you’ve used a record as a table, it’s not going to play on a turntable again).

Stool with vinyl record seat [IKEA Hackers]


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