iOS 5.1 Promises Reception And Battery Fixes

iOS 5.1 Promises Reception And Battery Fixes

Today Apple announced the availability of iOS 5.1 for most of the world and, in a couple of weeks, Japan (which will finally get Siri). While there are few significant changes, there are minor but notable updates. Here are the elements we think are the most relevant:

  • iPhone 4S battery and reception issues should improve, thanks to various bug fixes, optimisations and new baseband firmware.
  • You can now delete photos from your photo stream.
  • The camera shortcut is now always visible on the home screen.
  • Any audio dropouts during calls should now be a thing of the past.
  • iPads get a redesigned camera app, a 30 second rewind button on podcasts, and audio optimisations for movies and TV shows to make them louder and clearer.

You can update now via Software Update on your iDevice or you can manually install through iTunes. Jailbreakers should hold off for now as there’s no word of when an iOS 5.1 jailbreak will be available.

iOS 5.1 Software Update [Apple Knowledge Base via The Verge]


  • The fact you can now delete photos from your photo stream is good news. It was a pain resetting your photo stream through the iCloud browser and then wiping your photo stream on each iDevice.
    Does anyone know if deleting a photo from your photo stream will delete it from all your iDevices? It would make sense if it did.

  • OMG…. Love the 5.1 ability to delete from photo stream. However, the BEST is the battery improvement. After 34 hours I still have 68% of battery power still available. Have talked on phone, checked and written email, and texted. Thank you Apple!

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