iOS' 3G App Download Limit Raised To 50MB

If you've long been annoyed by the 20MB limit in the iOS App Store, get ready to be slightly less annoyed! Apple has just raised the limit to 50MB, making way for larger apps on your 3G iPad connection.

No limit would be nice, but I suppose that's what jailbreaking is for. Happy up-to-50MB downloading!

Apple Boosts Over-the-Air App Store Download Limits to 50 MB [MacRumors]


    The arbitrary limit is still absurd. There should be a way to adjust the limit or turn it off completely.

    Agree... it's my data allowance that I pay for... let ME choose how to use it. Presume it will include iPhone also...

    this was the straw that broke this camel's back, and sent me to android, when i couldn't use my phone as i wanted on a long trip with no wifi but lots of telstra data sitting unused. i do not understand it at all, it should be customisable.

    Apple does so many annoying things like these. Give us a warning sure, but let us proceed if we want to. The iphone's my only Internet connection. In order to get any hour long podcasts I have to tether it to my laptop then download to laptop then sync. GF

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