How To Wrap Your Baby Safely For Sleep

Wrapping newborns to sleep often makes them feel settled, but if you wrap them too tightly it can lead to hip damage. The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne has produced a video outlining the correct way to wrap a child to eliminate that risk.

Useful information if you're a fraught first-time parent.

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne


    You can also buy zip up swaddled which although a bit expensive, are very easy to use and eliminate the risk of injury, or if you are like me, just bad wrapping skills. Also much easier in the middle of te night! For example those available at:

      +1 no contest vs. a standard wrap, whether Muslim, muslin or plain ol' cotton

      This ^^.
      I consider myself a pretty good wrapper but, no method I try works in stopping our boy from getting his arms out. I've tried a few of the zip-ups and they all work infinitely better than a wrap. My only problem with them is when parents use them as clothing - they're for sleeping, not living.

    I'm a new dad (my padawan is 5 days old!) so thanks for this!

    This is great! i just attend a birthing class a month back and they did'nt mention anything about this. but taught us how to wrap a baby.

    When my little one was little, she would always get her arms out of the blanket. When she did she would keep herself awake and get grumpy. So my fix was to wrap her in a (not to think) normal sized baby blanket, and then a thin Muslim wrap. This kept her snug and stopped her from keeping herself awake.

    It's also worthy of noting I googled Muslim wrap to ensure it was PC - what is the world coming to!

      is that different to a muslin wrap?

      it's actually muslin

    I researched swaddling when I had my boy 9 months ago/

    Read the end of the wiki page and you can see there are more negative aspects to swaddling than just hip problems.

    However, sometimes you just need a good sleep so we still did it very occasionally.

    Three weeks into parenthood, and these wrapping styles are at complete odds with what we received in ante natal classes and from the maternity ward staff. I've found baby wrangling advice -even from the pros- to always be contradictory, it's no wonder parents question themselves until they figure it out.

    And Sean, I'm too tired to detect trolling- but just in case, it's actually "muslin", a loose weave that originates from Bangladesh.

      I have a 13 month old and it seems like every piece of advice is a contradiction. They tell you should tell you should avoid certain foods till they're a year old and then you hear that you should introduce the same foods earlier because they believe delaying them is the reason for increased food allergies. You should use a sling because it more natural but don't use one because it may suffocate them. Watch out if they have some sort of skin condition then everybody is and expert.
      You fill guilty half the time and and think that your child will grow up to be featured on a current affair as a dole bludger because his not going to sleep on his own.

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