How To Speed Up, Clean Up And Revive Your Android Phone

Kick back on the couch, pull up your Android phone, and act like you're still being productive by giving it some spring cleaning of its own.

Reclaim Drive And SD Card Space

Most Android devices have two different storage spaces: your internal space (where apps are stored) and your SD card (where your music, photos and many of your app settings are stored). The SD card is easy to clean up — just delete any music, photos and videos you don't need. If you see any folders that look like settings for apps you've removed, you can delete those too. If you're rooted (which is really easy to do), you can even use an app like previously mentioned SD Maid to clean up all that cruft for you.

Cleaning up your internal storage is also pretty simple: just uninstall unnecessary apps. Chances are you have a few apps you don't use anymore, not to mention games you don't play — they'll take up the most space — and you can just uninstall them from the Play Store to free up that space and, hopefully, speed up your phone a little bit. If your phone is starved for internal storage and you can't spare any of your hard-earned apps, you can try moving them to your SD card instead. This will free up that internal space and speed up your phone, but keep all your apps close at hand.

To do this, just head to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Select an app, and tap the "Move to SD Card" button to move it. Some apps won't have this ability, but you should find that lots of your space-hogging apps have no problem living on your SD card. You can read more about this process here.

Give It A Battery Boost

Android phones in particular are notorious for sucking the life out of your battery. If you haven't dug through your settings in a while, this is a good time to make sure you're getting the most out of your battery as possible. This means turning the brightness down, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not in use, and turning off any eye candy (not to mention uninstalling apps that constantly use up your data).

Tweak these settings yourself or automate them with a program like Tasker or JuiceDefender for an easy, hassle-free battery life boost. I'm always an advocate of getting a second battery, too — just keep it in your glove box or in your desk drawer for those emergencies where your phone is about to die.

Speed It Up With Some Settings Tweaks

If your phone is a bit older, or it's just feeling sluggish, there are a number of things you can do to make it feel a little smoother. Trying a new home screen launcher is always good for a bit of speed, as is lowering your number of home screens and ditching all those widgets. If you're rooted, you can even overclock or install a custom ROM for even more speed.

If you really want to get technical, there are some advanced settings you can play with to eke every bit of speed out of your phone possible. Just don't use a Task Killer, whatever you do (unless you're on a really, really old version of Android — like, 1.6 old). For more info on how to speed up your phone, check out our in-depth guide.

Remove And Clean Your Case (If You Use One)

Of course, the inside of your phone isn't the only thing that needs cleaning. If your phone has gotten a bit dirty over the past year — which is even more likely if you have a dirt-trapping case on it — you might want to take it off and clean it up. The case shouldn't be too hard to clean, but make sure you don't clean your phone with anything that'll harm the screen. We've gone through how to safely clean and disinfect your gadgets before, so check out that guide for more info.

Unfortunately, Android devices are finicky, and can take a lot of maintenance to work well — especially the older ones. Be sure to check out our more in-depth guides above, and you should be able to get your phone running as optimally as possible. Got any maintenance tips we left out? Share them with us in the comments below.


    I thought this article would be one line - "Throw your android off a cliff and go get a iPhone"


      "I though this..."

      Go back to troll school because that is one of the worst trolls I've ever seen.

      Even your iPhone fanboy mates would be going the facepalm knowing that you are aligning yourself with them.

      You bring great shame on the art of trolling and you should refrain from future posts until you learn your craft.

      The day Apple allow me to load custom software on my phone will be the day I will think about owning an iphone. My Samsung Galaxy S is far from being a stock phone is still beats the current iphone 4s that some of my friends have.

    Llama[1] is another great profiler app too, does general profiling based on location and time, but can do some really interesting stuff to if you have the time to play around with it.

    "Android phones in particular are notorious for sucking the life out of your battery. "

    Unlike other smart phones, yeah. iPhones will run for a week, I'm told.

      that would not surprise me the least, I was given a brand new ipod touch that I just use for VoIP calls and it last ages between charges.

        Is that an iPhone?


        What a load, missus needs to charge hers daily. My android will run a week if I don't touch it also

      Which iPhone is that? My workmate is constantly bitching about his terrible battery life on his iPhone 4...

    Clean z phone please

    The usual lot of misinformation, prejudice and confusion.

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