Hide Your Knife Rack Under The Cabinet

Hide Your Knife Rack Under The Cabinet

This clever solution for storing knives in the kitchen keeps them in easy reach and also frees up some space: Mount your knives under the top cabinets using a magnetic knife block.

Kaela’s solution on her Local Kitchen Blog shows the handles facing out to make it easy to grab the right knife (it helps that she has uniquely-handled knives, though). This way of storing your knives makes more sense than using a wall-mounted knife rack, which makes you move things out of the way to get to your knives, or a knife block which takes up precious counter space.

Space Solutions: Under-Cabinet Knife Rack [Local Kitchen Blog via The Kitchn]


  • This clever solution for storing knives in the kitchen keeps them in easy reach and also frees up some space …whilst also scaring the hell out of me that one’s going to fall off and into my face.

  • Doesn’t sound like a smart move to me.. I WANT to see where my knives are.. I certainly don’t need to be encouraged to feel around for my knives cause I’m too lazy to bob down to look where it actually is!

  • You know, I did have those same concerns: 1. That the knives would fall off (of course at some spectacularly inconvenient moment) and 2. That I would slice myself open when reaching past the knives to the spice shelf on the wall.

    I will say that the magnet on my rack is super strong; you almost have to pry the knives off, so no chance of them ever falling. And since the rack tucks up nicely under the lip of the cabinet, there is really no way to accidentally slice yourself. It’s worked brilliantly in my tiny kitchen.

    But, hey, if I had the wall space, I probably would’ve just hung them on the wall. 🙂

  • Seriously? All you’d have to do is bump the handle upwards and the knife will lever off the magnet… that’s the stupidest idea ever. Especially if it’s within kids reach… because it’s underneath, they’d be looking straight up at them.

  • If you’re worried about knives levering up by pressing up on the handle you could always use two magnet strips. I bought magnet strips some time ago, but found I don’t have width of wall to mount them. I considered then discounted after a very short moment to mount them vertically. I didn’t think to mount them under the cabinet, so I think I may try this. I likes.

  • Not everyone has children, and if they can get up on the top of the main bench then whats stopping them of getting to your knife block?

    Clever idea, but i would keep it away from the stove tops, oils and stuff would make it a biarch to clean all the time.

  • That funky–handled santoku is from New West Knifeworks, a small hand-crafted knife shop out of Wyoming in the States. They make a range of absolutely gorgeous knives; sadly, that one ended up going back. The balance wasn’t right for me and I sent it back twice for sharpening before giving up on a getting really sharp edge. (After all, I wouldn’t want to maim the children on a dull blade. I have standards.)

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