Google Now Shows Locations You've Looked For Recently On Your Mobile

Today Google released a new convenience feature for mobile search that allows you quick access to recent location searches whenever you visit Google on your phone or tablet. All you have to do is tap the new Recent button on Google's mobile home page to see a list of what you've searched for on another computer or device.

This is handy if you're looking up places on your computer only to need to find that information again when you're away from your machine. It's also problematic if you're trying to keep your search history private as it's yet another place for someone to see what you've been looking for (the service relies on you being signed in). Good or bad, it's available right now. Check out the official post for more information.

Introducing a new local search experience across your devices [Google Mobile Blog]


    Just to clarify, this is tied in with Google Web History -- if you have Google Web History turned off, this will be turned off already.

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