FoodSwitch Nutrition App Comes To Android

Android: FoodSwitch has been a popular iOS app since its launch in January, as it's one of the few nutrition-centred apps which can actually read Australian barcodes from supermarket products. It's now available for Android as well, making it easy to track what you're eating and its salt and fat content.

The Android launch coincides with a World Salt Awareness Week campaign to get Australians to reduce their daily salt intake. The George Institute suggests that if the average Australian dropped their salt intake from 9000 milligrams a day to the recommended 5000 milligrams, risk of stroke would drop by 25 per cent. (You can aim much lower with salt — when I did the Mastercheap project, I set myself a 1500 milligrams a day limit.) Much of our salt intake comes from processed products, so checking them out before you buy can help a lot.

FoodSwitch is a free download from the Android market.

FoodSwitch [Google Play]


    21 MB ?? Really?
    Also, why would this app need "DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS" permission?

      The 21 MB install size is presumably so it can store its food database on your phone, so the app can work when you don't have an internet connection. As for the phone call permission -- the "About Bupa" screen has a button with Bupa's phone number, and pressing that button will presumably call the number. A silly design choice, but there's nothing dodgy going on.

    I thought the recommended daily intake of sodium was 2300 mg?

    If you're already looking at the barcode of the food, can't you just look at the nutritional information on the package? Is the only difference that this gives you the traffic light quantifications?

      if you look at the far left of the image you can see that it tells you about other products - which is where its value comes in

      It doesn't just give you the nutritional information, it also recommends a healthier replacement if the food you're looking up isn't that good for you.

        Ooh, thanks for that! I'd missed that on the screen shots. That does sound like a good benefit.

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