Firefox 11 Introduces Add-On Sync, Bug Fixes

Firefox 11 Introduces Add-On Sync, Bug Fixes

Windows/Mac/Linux: The latest version of Firefox is available for download, and with it comes the ability to synchronise your add-ons across desktops and operating systems with add-on sync. Firefox 11 is in line with Mozilla’s new Chrome-like rapid-release schedule, and aside from a few new developer tools, add-on sync is the only major new feature available in the new version.

Once enabled, Firefox Sync will also give you the option to ensure your add-ons are available on all of your computers.

In addition to add-on sync, the new version marks most add-ons compatible by default, regardless of the extension’s version number. Developers get access to a few new tools in Firefox 11, including “Tilt”, a 3D page inspector and an on-the-fly CSS editor that will allow you to edit stylesheets directly in-browser.

Firefox 11 is available to download now at the link below, or you can use the browser’s in-app updater to download it.

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  • Hate it how the browsers are in some big race to have the highest version number. The changes don’t warrant a whole new version, it could have been 10.5 or something. Or going further, it really should only be on version 5 or 6 at best, as while there’s been some decent changes in the guts of it, the interface and a lot of functionality has been much the same.

    And don’t even get me started on Chrome.

  • I’d like better sync options, to exclude some items. Most of my addons I want on all my machines, but there are a couple I only want on 1 machine (the add-ons installed by applications you install that have no use if that application isn’t on your machine). There is one bookmark folder at home that I’d prefer not to sync with my work computer. I don’t use add-on sync because of that. I install the add-ons seperately.

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