Facebook Makes Marking 'Acquaintances' Easier

If you feel overwhelmed by comments in your Facebook feed, you can set people you don't often interact with as 'Acquaintances' to reduce their visibility. Facebook now has a new tool which identifies people you don't often interact with and set them as acquaintances.

Acquaintances aren't unfriended or sent any notification; you simply won't see them as often in your main feed. To access the tool, go to your Friends list (linked below), choose Acquaintances and access 'See all suggestions'.

Whether you'll want to do this is very much a matter of personal preference. I've never found Facebook's auto-sorting of my news feed to be any help at all (it annoys me that I can't set sorting my feed to 'Most Recent' as the default), so I'm not inclined to trust even more of that sorting to Facebook itself. But if you're happy to chunk up your Facebook friends, this makes it a little easier.



    In response to the comment that "it annoys me that I can’t set sorting my feed to ‘Most Recent’ as the default" ... it annoyed me too... so now I use this as my facebook bookmark:

    You could also set it up as a keyword in firefox to make it easier to type.

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