Engin's NBN Plans Don't Count Uploads

It's quite the week for NBN activity. Following Club Telco's announcement on Monday, Engin (better known for its VOIP offers) has also begun offering NBN plans.

Engin doesn't have a large range of choices on its 24-month plans, and its prices aren't the most competitive on offer (though they're fairly typical of the overall market). One interesting feature: uploads aren't counted, an option that's otherwise only offered by Exetel. We'll add Engin to the next update of our Planhacker NBN table.



    In an earlier artricle you said that when comparing plans we should factor in line-rental and so on.. are these plans (this one and the previous Club Telco one) inclusive of installation and line rental costs?

    There is no line rental on nbn, installation cost its not inclusive of though

    I left Engin due to lack of support and dodgy billing, they can offer what they like but bad service is bad service.

      Agreed, after years of trying everyone it turns out that Telstra seems to give the best service now.

        Telstra give the best service, LMAO. Good joke mate lol

    i like the ultra deal

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