eBay Offering Free Pictures, Changing Fees Again

eBay Offering Free Pictures, Changing Fees Again

eBay just can’t stop tweaking its listing rules. In the latest round of changes, sellers actually get something: up to a dozen free pictures on every listing. But the news isn’t so good on insertion fees.

Picture by Ricardo Diaz

Right now, eBay charges 25 cents for each image if you want to add additional pictures. From May 2, you’ll be able to include a dozen without charge. Presuming you have an item for sale that would benefit from multiple photographs, this could be a welcome change.

What’s potentially less welcome is the simplification of insertion fees. For casual sellers, the flat rate of 7.90% with free listings if you list less than 30 items in a month remains in place. After 30 items, you pay insertion fees. Right now, these are in a six-tier structure, ranging from 30 cents for items listed for under a dollar and rising to $3.50 for items above $400:

[block] [left] Start price $0.01-$0.99 $1.00-$19.99 $20.00-$49.99 $50.00-$99.99 $100.00-$399.99 $400+ [/left] [right] Insertion fee $0.30 $0.50 $0.75 $1.50 $2.50 $3.50 [/right] [/block]

From May 2, there will be just three tiers:

[block] [left] Start price Under $20.00 $20.00-$99.99 $100+ [/left] [right] Insertion fee $0.50 $1.50 $3.00 [/right] [/block]

This means that if you want to sell a lot of items cheaply, you’ll now be paying a minimum of 50 cents per insertion after the first 30 items, rather than the current 30 cent minimum.

eBay is also adjusting final value fees for Store sellers and revising its Store structure. The other minor change will be a capped on final value fees at $100; that will benefit you if an individual item sells for more than $1265.83. All up, it’s consistent with eBay’s long-stated ambition to be a general retail storefront rather than that auction site.



  • Ebay’s fees are out of control. I used to sell quite a few items on eBay, but since the fees restructure I now opt for sites like gumtree, where selling is actually free!

        • when you’re an American, competing with Chinese sellers, it’s nearly impossible to “get a bite.” Adding in your fees and shipping with the cost of the product to produce a final cost is so logical that even the dumbest seller knows to do that…..but in my case, my actual profit is literally PENNIES because the only way to make a buck competing with China is IF you have shoppers who buy multiple items so you can collect on the saved shipping expenses. With the economy in a slump (for over 10 years, now,) no one wants to spend more than $5 or $10 at a time. Some months, I actually come out in the negatives. This summer, I plan to close out my ebay seller account and take to live sales again. It might be a lot of labor, but I’ll be cutting out three “middle men;” ebay, paypal and shipping. That would allow me to offer a better price, while making a greater profit. In addition, if the fees weren’t so unfair, I could share my profits with the charities they offer for you to choose from. ebay and paypal are not only attacking the seller, but the buyer and the charities who are missing out on millions. This company is as dirty as the places that give poor people loans against their car (which is likely the only thing they own.)

  • If you read the fine print, there are other factors you need to consider;
    – Whether it is a leap year.
    – What the atomic weight of the buyer’s birthstone is.
    – The index finger to nose length ratio of the seller.
    – If the player is standing behind the defender at the time the ball is kicked.
    – Gluten, and whether the product may contain traces of nuts (add a $0.05 per potential nut variety, per image, but only if the nuts are showing – giggity).
    – The Bronski Effect (hitting that ‘perfect’ beat boy).
    – The inverse of the square of the hypotenuse (which goes without saying).

    Considering the above, it’s all pretty straight forward.

  • Juice don’t be such a grump. When any stroe goes from being fun and affordable to pricey and suspicious with complicated terms, it’s not just a case if oh well, I’ll find another eBay.
    Consumer pressure – and govt scrutiny – has forced changes at eBay before.

  • They have doubled the final value sale fee!!! $100 cap is more than double of what $49.95 was. Now, I will be paying $100 for every item I sell as I sell items over $1200. It is not worth selling on eBay anymore. All sellers will increase their prices to compensate for this ridiculous final value fee cap and eBay will become more expensive then online stores. I hope they lose a lot of money and customers becuase of their filthy greed!!

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