Do You Take Photographs With Your Tablet?

Do You Take Photographs With Your Tablet?

Tablets invariably include a camera, but there’s something undeniably awkward about holding up a large-screen device to take a quick snap. Why does anyone do it?

Picture by Feng Li/Getty Images

It’s one thing to use the front-facing camera for a quick video chat, but — as the picture above suggests — actually snapping a picture of the world with a tablet can be awkward. I found this myself over the weekend, when I used a review Samsung Galaxy Note, which has a 5.4-inch screen, to snap pictures of the Melbourne F1 race.

While I was happy enough with how the pictures turned out, there’s no escaping that using a tablet in this way is awkward. I got lots of confused stares from fellow racegoers, most of whom were using either mobile phones or compact cameras:

Do you regularly use the camera built into your tablet? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.


  • I have both the Samsung galaxy S phone, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. When I first got the tab I took a few shots to try it out and have a look at the quality – since then never used the camera / video. A tablet is to large and awkward to try to take photo’s with, that is the job of my phone.

    • Ummmm… no, the “job” of your phone is to make phone calls.

      5d > 50d > Lumix > Ixus > iPhone 4 > Acer tablet. In other words no, I would never take a photo with my tablet.

      • The job of my landline is to make phonecalls. The primary job of my smartphone is to access the internet on the go. I sometimes use it to make calls, but for me, that isn’t its job. I didn’t bother to get a mobile until it could access the internet cheaply, and I wouldn’t have one now if making calls was all it could do.

        The second most important job of my phone is to play audio content; 3rd is to act as a PDA; 4th as a GPS unit; 5th is to take photos… phone calls are well down the list.

  • I have a Transformer Prime and use it with the keyboard dock on my balcony to take full day time lapse videos using the stock ICS camera. With the dock providing extra juice I can start it in the morning and let it create a 1080p time lapse video over the entire day until after nightfall. Awesome.

  • I use the camera in my tablet for work. When taking notes at client sites, it is an excellent tool to be able to quickly embed a photo or two into my notes to then pass onto the team.
    However, I fully agree that the device is not designed for recreational photography. Can you imagine it hanging from a strap around your neck? 🙂

  • I was at a concert the other night and a guy had his iPad out taking photos of the band and playing with his internets or something.

    I was amazed someone would take an iPad into mosh pit but hey, if it got ruined that’s his stupid fault.

  • If the tablet has a camera why not take advantage?
    Ignore the stares from the mobile gadget fashion police, their opinions are irrelevant.
    Also, the guy in the top image would look equally as goofy with any camera.
    It’s all in the stance.

  • My Transformer Prime takes good photos of the whiteboard at the end of a meetings, upload straight to Evernote and its on my PC when I get back to my desk. Otherwise, no, not really 😛

  • Two things.
    When i want to quickly shoot, edit and send or post.
    Also when I want to ‘photocopy’ a document withthe ipad and immediately upload for safe keeping.

  • I take along my 17″ laptop and use the webcam to take photos. Sure you get a few looks, but it’s surprisingly convenient (it only takes about 30 seconds to boot!)

  • I was in the Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Singapore last night, and there was your stereotypical fat American tourist taking pics with his ipad (with some kind of tread-plate inspired case) whilst striking ridiculous photographer poses.


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