Dealhacker: 7-Eleven $1 Day Back Again March 22

Yes, it was only last week that 7-Eleven had its $1 day. Apparently it was so well promoted via social media a repeat performance is being held to celebrate. This time around Powerade drinks, assorted Cadbury chocolate bars and Samboy chips are in the $1 bucket. Fill your boots. [7-Eleven via OzBargain]


    It was already planned (i.e. not because of "well promoted via social media") - at my local 7-Eleven store, the fine print on the signs read "Offer valid Thursday 15 and 22 March 2012", probably so they could reuse the signs.

    Still nothing worthwhile.

    Value is still terrible, though. Get to a supermarket.

    I love it ..i want to buy all the chocolates they have !

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