Cycle To Work At Your Home Office

Cycle To Work At Your Home Office

Standard advice for anyone working at home is to have a dedicated area, get dressed for work, and separate the whole process from your home life. Novelist Jeanette Winterson has an unusual way to ensure that happens: she “cycles” to work on a stationery bike before she begins the writing day.

Picture by Phil Campbell

Winterson explains her approach in an interview with Salon:

I pretend that I have to cycle to work. I don’t, because my studio is in my garden. But I get on my bike and I do a circuit and come back. So I have cycled to work. If I don’t cycle to work, it’s so fixed in my head, I can’t go to work.

If you have an exercise bike, this is a clever idea (as well as ensuring you’ll get some physical activity regularly, often a challenge for the self-employed). It’s also a reminder how routine is important when trying to complete creative tasks, a point I heartily concur with after two years taking part in NaNoWriMo.

Men “experiment,” women “experience” [Salon]


  • I pretend that I have to run a marathon walking to my car, I don’t because it’s parked in my driveway. Then pilot a mission to the moon driving to work, where I battle aliens (sell software). If I don’t pilot my craft to intercept the aliens, it’s so fixed in my head, I can’t sell software.

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