Convert An Old Hard Drive Into A Smartphone Stand, Pen Holder And More

Happen to have an old hard drive lying around that you need a project for? WonderHowTo blogger Samimy Productions shows off a way to upcycle a dead hard drive into a mobile phone stand and charger, a LED light and a secret flash drive.

The hard drive is repurposed into an insane desktop tool that kicks power to the mobile phone and the LED. The best feature is a hidden flash drive inside the hard drive that won't be detected by a computer unless you trigger it with the external light. If you're holding on to some top secret data this seems like a useful place to hide it. Hit up the post below for the schematics.

DIY How to Hack a Hard Drive to Hidden Flash Drive, LED Light, mobile phone Charger [WonderHowTo via Hack a Day]


    wow, mad skills. Pity it's one of the most ugly, useless things i've ever seen.
    Liked the hidden usb drive activated by the light.

    WOW all that effort by this guy to hide his pron???

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