CommBank Integrates Kaching Into NetBank App

iOS: CommBank's payments app Kaching has been available since December, but now access to the feature has been built into the main NetBank app as well. Handy if you're regularly sharing payments. [iTunes App Store]


    That's funny, because all it does on mine is add a button that sends me TO Kaching.

    I'd hardly call that "built into."

    yep, sends me to the app store to install kaching. no thanks.
    how many commbank apps do they want on my phone? is it a land grab?
    build it in and we'll use it.

    I don't see why they need 2 apps?

    I don't see why they need to be different apps in the first place...?

    I just wish Kaching would work on a Jailbroken device, it's so much better than Netbank.

      it does, get "xcon" from cydia

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