Coat Screws With Soap To Them Turn Easily

If you've ever put together a large set of IKEA furniture (or something similar), you know the fabricated holes and screws don't always fit together well. Hidden inside the massive Popular Mechanics list of the best DIY tips is a trick from way back in 1957 that still applies today: if a screw isn't turning smoothly, coat it in a layer of soap.

When a screw isn't fitting like it's supposed to, a simple project suddenly becomes a pain. Roll the threads of a screw into a bar of wet soap and the process gets a lot easier. I ran this one through the paces this weekend when putting together a horribly manufactured dining room table where the holes weren't as big as the screws, and it worked like a charm. It might be an ancient tip, but if you're ever stuck putting together a poorly crafted piece furniture, it works great. Hit up the full post on Popular Mechanics for a huge list of other DIY tips.

Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever [Popular Mechanics]


    I usually hate to play the grammar Nazi card but that headline is kind of glaring!!

      Not so much grammar as two words around the wrong way. But yeah, it should have been proof read before being posted.

        Doesn't matter, it's still grammar, and it's still wrong.

    Good one...

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