Club Telco NBN Plans Don’t Need A Contract

Club Telco NBN Plans Don’t Need A Contract

The roster of providers offering NBN plans continues to expand, with ClubTelco today announcing its plans. Their most notable feature off the bat is that the availability of month-to-month deal rather than requiring a full-term contract, something which only Internode and Optus otherwise offer.

We’ll be updating our full NBN Planhacker table to reflect the new plans soon. As is often the case with no-contract deals, there’s a minor catch : you have to pay a $50 signup fee. That aside, Club Telco’s plans aren’t particularly good value. The data allocations at a given price point are less generous than most rivals, proving a point we’ve made many times before: examine plans carefully before signing up.

Club Telco


  • considering the services they offer, they actually offer themselves as a ‘club’ requiring renewed membership. they offer with the internet providing the infinity awards alongside, as well as a dedicated help desk support person, saving you having to explain the same thing a million times. Now, I am indeed a customer of theirs, and it SOUNDS like I might be promoting them; The fact is that I’m actually a bit unhappy with the service I’ve been getting with them on their broadband network. It’s so ridiculously slow and intermittently cuts out. I can only hope that their NBN offering fairs better.

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