Check Your Usage With Optus’ New Mobile App

Check Your Usage With Optus’ New Mobile App

Mobile apps have quickly made logging into a website on your phone to check your bank account, monitor stocks or manage your Twitter account a thing of the past — a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Optus. It’s previously had several cracks at the app game and its latest attempt, “My Optus” looks like it could be its best yet.

Image: Optus / App Store.

The app, designed to allow users to quickly check their usage, pay bills and view their prepaid balance, is currently average 3.5/5 stars on the Android Market, and 3/5 on Apple’s App Store. I say “best”, because what looks like its previous attempt, Optus My Account, is sitting at 2/5, and it’s not immediately apparent what the difference between the two apps is.

My Optus is new for Android, but going by this post on the telco’s community forums, the iPhone version has been out for about a month.

I’m not an Optus user, which makes it somewhat difficult to test the app, but I can say having such a wide array of programs available is a little confusing. If you give it a try, let us know your experiences in the comments.

My Optus [App Store]
My Optus[Android Market]

[via ZDNet]


  • It looks nicer, than MyAccount, but doesn’t seem to have a widget so it fails in my book.

    I like to have a live display on my homescreen to keep track of usage rather than having to open an app.

  • FAIL…installed, opened app, followed instructions to turn off wifi for initial set up and then get the message “not compatible with your service.”. despite being an Optus customer… add it to the list of failures.

  • FAIL: Does the same as logging into the optus page.
    FAIL: 48hrs before updates (often more, from my experience).
    FAIL: Uses 20mb of memory and up to 30% of CPU (Galaxy S).
    FAIL: Does not exit when you close it down.


  • Was preinstalled on my HTC one x when I got it, opened it up and was told it would only work for pre-paid customers, then there was an update yesterday and now it just hangs on the welcome screen when opened.

  • My Account is still better because it shows the actual data usages eg. 1190.19 but the new My Optus just displays 1.1 which is not good enough. I was hoping they would incoperate charts, usages bar like other vendors like Telstra

  • None of the apps work or are compatible with My Samsung Galaxy S3. What the Hell Optus, I just want to pay the flaming bill, not give you total control of my Phone and Data. Yes it is ROOTED, I own it and am in Control. So after the past 2 months of not having the app to Pay the Flaming bill I guess you are ‘ROOTED’. Time to move to my NBN plan. you must have a death wish when the bill payment system is trashed.

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