Callnote Records Skype Calls And Saves The Audio To Evernote Automatically

We've discussed a few ways to record Skype calls in the past, but they tend to be pretty hit-or-miss. As long as the audio is the only part you're worried about, CallNote can record your calls and then save the audio file to your Evernote account immediately as soon as it's finished recording.

Callnote is pretty simple to use. Fire up the app, head over to the Evernote tab to log in to Evernote, and while Skype is open and running click to record, stop recording, or play back what's been recorded, so you can test before your call or podcast begins.

The app allows you to record up to eight participants, and includes a note when the audio is uploaded to Evernote with the attendees names and the call time and duration included. You can set the process to take place automatically — as in the app starts recording as soon as the call begins, stops when it ends and uploads immediately after it stops, or you can toggle triggers in between so you can manually select the destination notebook.

The app is free, and can be downloaded directly from the developer or directly from the Skype App Store. Do you record Skype calls, or use a different method? Share your alternatives and suggestions in the comments below.

Callnote [Kanda Software via Guiding Tech]


    This is very useful. Thank you. I have always use this tool to record my Skype. I hope it helps

    I'm still trying to figure out Callnote. I had a Skype conversation just now and the Callnote application was running but I can't figure out where the recorded file is.

    there is a nice tool for skype calls recording i prefer to use, i'd recommend it!) but thanx)

    nice info, thanx) but i heard a lot of positive opinions about this tool, i do enjoy it!)

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