Bugger: Skinny People Can Eat More Chocolate

Before you put on your Captain Obvious Hat, it's not just that human skeletons can spare a few more kilos before they transit from Kate Moss to Susan Boyle (both sucky endpoints, obviously). A new study suggests that more frequent chocolate consumption was more common amongst people with a lower body mass index (BMI)

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A research letter published in the Archives of Internal Medicine based on a study on 1018 Scottish men and women suggests that people who eat chocolate more frequently may have a lower BMI than those who didn't. While BMI is sometimes controversial as an individual measure, it is widely used when comparing populations.

The study authors were researching an entirely different issue, and caution that a broader randomised study is essential before drawing any conclusions. The lesson you can grab now? A small amount of chocolate every so often may not be a drama.


    "skinny people can eat more chocolate"...but the ones I know (since I can't speak from personal experience) don't seem very interested in more chocolate!

    Lifehacker! For shame! Correlation and causation, people! it ain't the same thing. This article almost blew up my CantDrawASingleConclusionFromThisStudyWhatsoever-O-Meter.

    This is the same sort of study that perpetuates the myth that you need to eat breakfast in order to lose weight. Google it before you flame me for making that statement. If you want to lose weight, breakfast might be the most important meal of the day *to skip*.

      Oh wow, I really got on my soapbox. Sorry, unintentional trolling above. Go in peace :)

    Could it just be that fat people are more likely to lie about their chocolate consumption habits?

      ^^^^^^ This. It is actually widely understood now that overweight people drastically underestimate their caloric intake whilst underweight/normal weight people over-estimate their caloric intake. That's what causes situations where an overweight person claims they hardly eat anything but can't lose weight yet an under/normal weight person says they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. Excluding the few rare hormonal cases (and they are rare), the overweight person is moving less and or eating more. Do all the "studies" you want, you can't overcome thermodynamics.


    Given the poor dietary habits of Scots overall, I'd be really hesitant to draw any useful conclusions from such an outlier group. Separating out the chocolate from the highly variable quantity of sugar that goes with it would seem to be a necessary step also.

    There is NO lesson to grab now.

    With the present findings, we simply know that - on paper - an unknown percentage of skinny Scots eat chocolate.
    What ISN'T mentioned, as Jake D and Paul noted earlier, is the gross exaggeration and and misinterpretation of caloric intake when talking to people of differing bodyweight.

    As a skinny Scot myself, I prefer not eating chocolate.
    My sodium intake more than makes up for that, however!

    Eh not very scientific lifehacker. It really depends on the type of chocolate (the higher the percentage of cocoa solids the more energy your body burns in processing it) and the physiology and lifestyle of the person eating it (i.e. are they anorexic? obese? do they exercise? how much exercise do they get? how much of it is cardio?). Over simplification doesn't help anyone. =P

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