Anonymous Releases Its Own Hacking-Heavy OS

In a very strange move, some members of hacker group Anonymous have released their own operating system, complete with hacker tools for "testing the security of web sites".

The OS is based off Ubuntu and runs the MATE user interface. It comes complete with many built-in hacking tools that crack passwords, search for vulnerabilities in web sites and simulate denial-of-service attacks. The about page notes that it was created "for educational purposes" and that you shouldn't use it to attack any web sites, because you could "end up in jail".

Is this an interesting piece of news? Oh yes. Do we recommend you download it? Probably not. Not only could it get you into a host of trouble if used without care, but taking part in Anonymous' activities has been rather dangerous of late — what with some people slipping trojans into Anonymous' own software. Hit the link to read more about Anonymous OS.

About Anonymous-OS [via Laughing Squid


    Is it better than Backtrack? We shall see...

    built-in LOIC with 'convenient' remote activation features?

      According to the G+ page pushing it: Yes. Absolutely.

    Heaps of speculation as to whether its actually been created by the FBI or can be used against the user

    note: The authors haven't explicitly stated what the root password is for the distribution
    ‏ @YourAnonNews

    Seeing lots of news about just-released purported "Anonymous OS." BE CAREFUL! Remember the Zeus Trojan incident w/Slowloris recently!!/YourAnonNews/status/180087905040084992

    love the speculation it was put together by the FBI :P

    I believe matriux ( is still better than this

    Now you too, person with absolutely no ability or knowledge can be an amazing hacktivist!

    Never again let people who actually know what they're doing call you a script kiddy.

    Never again be able to trust your OS.

    Never again.

    I Dont hack, or even have much of an interest in the culture but i cannot understand why someone would switch from something Like backtrack which is built by the community to something obscure like this that cannot be trusted. Admittedly i imagine this has much more of a black hat lean to it than the white hat Backtrack OS but i still fail to see why.

    Meh, I'll stick to Backtrack for my pentesting needs.

    simple testing for virus, remove all hdd and run off usb only

    Stick to backtrack, everyone is saying this isn't by anon, is just full of viruses. I expected better journalism from this site!

    Can you backtrace people and report them to the Cyber Police?

    Try DarkRacer far better than backtrack

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