Andmade Share Beefs Up Android’s Share Menu

Andmade Share Beefs Up Android’s Share Menu

Android: One of the coolest parts of Android is the “Share” menu that lets you send media from one app to another. Andmade Share replaces Android’s default share menu with one you can reorder, and send media to multiple apps at once.

Andmade Share makes the process of sharing apps just a bit nicer. If there are apps you never share to, you can long-press them and drag them down the list, so you don’t have to look at them. Furthermore, you can share a piece of media (like an image or web page) with multiple apps at once, which is great if you want to text it to a friend and tweet it at the same time. Just check the necessary boxes, then tap the icon for one of the apps. Andmade Share will then launch each of those apps in sequence, letting you share your media to each, with no need to go back and hit the share button again. The first time you tap the main Share button in Android, you should be prompted to use Andmade Share, and from there, you can make it the default for all future shares.

Andmade Share is a free download for Android devices.

Andmade Share [Android Market via Android Police]


  • Great concept and something i’ve been looking for. The downside is that it can’t be set as default for the gallery, which is where i would use its functionality most often.! bummer

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