An Easy Way To Peel An Orange

I like oranges, but don't like getting my hands sticky with orange juice afterward. I just tried a simple peeling method from Instructables user eggmix that worked great. Just score a line from one end to the other over where you think an orange slice may exist within, put your fingernails along that line, and rip it open.

My first trial worked great and leaked maybe two drops of OJ. I think this technique may be a keeper.

Easiest (cleanest) way to open an Orange [Instructables via Reddit]


    I each a cold orange out of the fridge every day. I definitely wouldn't had my mother not given me a Tupperware orange 'opener' that they apparently used to give away free at their raunchy parties. Hands-down, THE simplest best gadget I've ever owned. Still available? No idea.

    Just eat the damn orange!

      Yes, don't peel it, just eat it.

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