Allure Confessions: Who Wants A New iPad?

The new iPad is here next week. It has sexy specs and cheaper pricing than ever before — but it also doesn't support Australia's current version of 4G and it has no name to call its own. Will the editors at Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker be buying or upgrading? Let's find out.

ANGUS KIDMAN, LIFEHACKER: For me, it's a pass. I'm impressed that Apple has kept the price dropping while improving the technical specifications. (Yes, that's what happens with all tech, but it's still something to celebrate.) My single biggest reason for resisting iDevices — having to use the satanic binary fart that is iTunes — is no longer a problem. But at the end of the day, I just don't need another tablet in my life, even at a sub-$500 price point. I haven't owned an iPad yet, and I don't see myself starting now.

Alex: you already own an iPad. Does this tempt you to upgrade?

ALEX KIDMAN, GIZMODO: Yeah, I’ve got to admit it does — but that’s also because there’s hankering from my better half for a pad upgrade, and I can justify it as work; she then gets my iPad 2. Keeping my lovely wife happy aside, I’m pleased but not that stunned by what Apple’s done with the new iPad, and I’ve already got enough of an investment in iOS apps to make it worthwhile.

Giz commenters, you may now start pasting your “Apple FANBOY!” snarks directly into the comment field if you like. Although you may want to read this first. Meanwhile, I'll ask Mark: are you going down the iPad (3rd generation) path?

MARK SERRELS, KOTAKU: Sup gents. Currently I am cast adrift in a tablet-less sea of trying to surf the web on my phone and getting mightily frustrated. This is my lot in life. I’m keen on the new iPad, but most likely it’s because I like ‘stuff’. The iPad is something I’ve always held off on for a number of reasons — it always seemed like the kind of device I’d get excited about for 10 minutes before picking up a laptop instead.

I think anyone with a pre-frontal lobe knew that Apple would put a retina style display in the iPad at one point, and I've always said I’d hold off on buying one until that was the case. Now it has one, I'm really considering jumping on board.

LIFEHACKER: I think the screen makes life worse. if the iPad is going to get loaded up with high-resolution photos, then it strikes me that more than 64GB of storage would have made sense. The lack of a 128GB model three generations in is somewhat perplexing. That's doubly true when you consider Apple's ambitions for iBooks to be used as textbooks; the oh-so-shiny files for that take up a ludicrous amount of room.

GIZMODO: The new screen is clearly the key selling point for Australian consumers, as it will be a while before we see 700Mhz LTE in any real form, by which time this particular model will be obsolete. Higher definition stuff is always welcome in my neck of the woods, although equally it’ll be fascinating to see what happens with the lower resolution stuff. I’m a big fan of the BBC iPlayer service, and how its compressed video comes through on that higher resolution screen will be fascinating to see. It’s also going to be a potential bonanza for app developers who want to produce “HD” versions of existing apps. Although, now that I think of it, the retina display versions of most apps are usually already suffixed as HD. What are they going to call iPad-3rd-Gen-only HD apps? HDHD?

The other obvious appeal point for that nice new screen will be in gaming, and again it’ll be fascinating to see how games scale. That brings the obvious gaming comparison into view, and for that I’ll pass over to you, Mark.

KOTAKU: Yes, I enjoy partaking in that new pernickity gaming thing. I’ll probably buy one for that alone.

But I still have other reservations: iTunes, ease of use, no drag and drop, blah blah blah. Obviously I’d play games on the thing, but I’d also want to watch video content, is that clumsy, annoying, expensive? These are my issues.

LIFEHACKER: A challenge for each of you. Alex, is there any application right now where the enhanced processor will make a blind bit of difference? Mark, is there a single game you can imagine is only possible with the new retina display?

GIZMODO: For what it’s worth, Apple’s claims of “4x” performance are indeed a bit meaningless without a common testing application, but previous processor jumps have paid off for most apps. As for specific apps, there’s any number, but the proof will be in seeing how they react. Load times have particularly jumped as Apple has upgraded the processors across its iOS ranges; I could see things like iPhoto (or Photoshop Touch, if you prefer things with an Adobe flavour) working more efficiently with a better processor. It does introduce yet another fragmentation flavour into the iPad mix, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few more apps that leave the original iPad out in the cold from now on.

And Mark, as for video — leaving aside Apple’s own stuff — there’s apps such as Air Video, VLC, CineXPlayer — and that’s without getting into jailbreaking. Plenty of potential, in other words.

KOTAKU: Thanks Alex! As for the games situation, with regards to mega-res, it’s all about the ‘oh-my-god-wow-my-eyeballs-are-melting’ sensation. The kind of sensation I wanted from my PS Vita, but didn’t get.

It’s not about mechanics, or ground breaking methods of input; it’s about a visual, high end experience that is unmatched in handhelds or any other tablet. As a gaming device the iPad is quickly becoming a must-own device in my opinion. The vibe I’m getting from gamers is this iPad is the one to get.

LIFEHACKER: A vibe from the iPad? That will never be an Apple-approved feature! And it won't make me any more productive.

GIZMODO: That's enough bad jokes out of you, 'hacker. And enough out of us. Readers: are you planning to go for the new iPad? Explain your reasons in the comments. (Note: "just because" is not actually a reason, though it may be a popular choice.)


    I have been waiting for Apple to make the iPad into a device that I really want (and thus justify the expense of purchasing).

    This latest iPad, lacking an actual name, is not a revolutionary improvement. I've heard jokes about it being dubbed the iPad 2S.

    I've always said the screen is the dealbreaker for me. The screen on my iPhone 4 is great and a massive leap from the 3G I had before it. But looking at an ipad screen always felt like a pudgy old iphone to me.

    Without having held one I can't say for sure but I suspect the iPad is now a truly great reading device, not on par but certainly in the ball park of an e-ink reader.

    I have already ordered the new iPad, being a photographer, the retina screen is a massive win for a portable portfolio. This is will be my first iPad and im glad I waited

      Surprised you'd consider an iPad when you can't plug in an SD card to instantly view pics (without a clumsy dongle). I chose a Transformer Prime over an iPad because it can take a micro SD card (or SD with the keyboard), and play HD video of any flavour (via MX Player) as well (my personal use is dive photography and movies). The convenience of instant viewing away from home overrides the extra pixels (which incidentally the human eye can't discern from greater than 13 inches away).

    I'm old. Over 40. And reading on the old iPad was far superior to reading on my $900 laptop screen. I am excited to check out the screen of the '3, and may consider a purchase in the very near future. I'm also excited about the price drop, as that means that the '2s price for pre-owned should drop by a lot, rather than the shockingly minimal $50 discount for buying a pre-owned iPad that used to be de rigeur.

    Ive had my iPad 1 since launch, use it as my ONLY computer, and still dont think I will upgrade!

    I still call it iPad 2, 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Some people are arguing that a retina display will be good for photography portfolios. As a photographer and someone who has showcased their work to potential clients on the both the iPad 1 and my new Acer Iconia A500, "retina display" wouldn't make much difference in my opinion. I show the clients my work, they say "Ooh I like that photo!" and hire me. If I want high definition imaging, I plug a micro-HDMI cable into my Acer and connect it to the TV. The images are bigger, brighter and look fantastic.

    If you're after a first tablet, an iPad 2, 2: Electric Boogaloo (the new iPad) might be alright, but I wouldn't suggest upgrading because it's out or you think your iPad 1 or 2 is too old

      The fact I was stating is that photos WILL look better on the 3, why wouldn't you want that? The wow factor never hurts when using an ultra portable portfolio

        Because in my experience, clients are impressed by the photos, regardless of how they appear on the screen. Sure if your screen desaturates the living crap out of photos, or the resolution is so low you can't make out finer details, then an iPad 3 would be nice, but from the many times I've shown off my photos, people look at the photo, say "ooh that's pretty", or "Yeah I like that one, I'll order it" and that's that, not "Looks a little dull. Take the photos again, as I don't like that"

        But that's just my experience. You may have a different experience depending on what sort of clients you work with, or what sort of photos you take.

    "satanic binary fart" - excellent

    I've got an iPad 1. Skipped the iPad 2. Been putting money aside in case the iPad "3" was worth it. I'm hoping the new display will let me read newstand magazines in full screen mode instead of zooming in and out. With my iPad 1 you can read in full screen, but it's a bit fuzzy and hard on my eyes. I know the text won't be bigger, I'm just hoping it will be sharper and more readable.

    The reasion the price is less is because they are worried about Android devices that hare really started picking up in sales, already the Android phones have taken over and tablets will soon follow unless Apple do something great which it looks like they have not managed to accomplish so I personally thing this is the year Android is going to shine in the tablet market, and lets be honest the AU$ is so strong I expect nothing less than cheaper prices than before!

    Tempted just for the ereading aspect. Have a Sony ereader which is fine for books but not that great for PDFs (despite being reviewed as the best ereader for PDFs). I do really like e-ink screens but if the screen on the new ipad is so good it might be close enough

      Bottom line is that you can't shrink an A4 doc to a 10" screen and keep it that readable no matter what the resolution. You'll need a magnifying glass to see the fine print, even with a super res screen like the iPad2S.

    I wonder if Tim Cook is getting frustrated trying to Steve Jobs these mild spec bumps. The iPhone and iPad were revolutionary. This and the 4S: OK upgrade, but really nothing special or essential. He's getting worse than Channel 10 for unwarranted hyperbole. He must be busting his engineers to makes something actually worthwhile getting excited about.

    I wonder if or when people will get jaded by the hype. How many times can Apple cry "revolutionary" before people's MEH takes over?

      me and my friends have begun to "meh" quite awhile ago...

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