Aldiko Unveils New Version For Android Tablets

Android: Our favourite ereader for Android, Aldiko, rolled out a tablet version that spans the entire display and is tweaked for reading ebooks on a larger screen. The layout is much more landscape friendly if you have it in landscape mode, and best of all, it's still completely free.

The new version is still missing a few features, but it comes with all of the features of the phone version laid out in a tablet-friendly format. The home screen displays your library on the right on a bookshelf and the app menu on the left. When you open a book, you can toggle light or dark backgrounds, change the font size and type, adjust the margins, supports bookmarking, highlighting, and more.

The tablet version of Aldiko is available now, for free, at Google Play. Do you have a favourite ereader for your Android tablet? Share your thoughts on the new version — and your alternatives — in the comments below.

Aldiko [Google Play via Addictive Tips]


    They've stopped using the inbuilt dictionary which is kinda good, but also kinda annoying.
    The inbuilt dictionary was nice and quick, but would return annoying answers for plurals.
    ie Definition of Tomatos = Plural form of Tomato
    But now it loads a browser window and does a Google search.. takes much longer, takes you out of the reader but does give better results.

    I use kobo, excellent reader app. Lots of settings for font size, type and margins. A nice UI and bookmarked books sync across to other devices with kobo installed.

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