AirParrot Mirrors Your Mac's Display Via AirPlay

AirParrot is a straightforward tool that fills in a big hole in AirPlay's functionality: it can mirror your Mac's display on any AirPlay-compatible device. That means your AppleTV or iDevice, or even another Mac if you're utilising another tool called AirServer.

We've mentioned AirParrot before in our look at how to get the features of OS X Mountain Lion right now but never highlighted explicitly. It's very much worth a look if you want to be able to mirror your Mac's display (and audio) since it handles the job very well.

It can even let you extend your desktop to the other device if you need a little more space and optimise your video quality so you can find the right data rate for your network.

AirParrot was designed to work with OS X 10.7 Lion, but is also compatible with Snow Leopard. It's $US10, but there's a free trial if you want to give it a shot before you buy.

AirParrot ($US10)


    Isn't this coming in Mountain Lion?

    Bookmarking in case Mountain Lion doesn't work on 720p Apple TV

    This would be an awesome way to minimise clutter - use your computer as a DVD player in a completely different room to your tv, and have just a screen in your lounge room!

      I cannot play dvds through air parrot it gives the audio but just white and gray squares on the dvd player. Help anyone know how to fix?

        Same thing happened to me. Its an issue with Apple's DVD player. I downloaded the free VLC media player which plays my DVDs on ATV via AirParrot.

          Thanks SEB, i had the same issue playing DVD with apple DVD player, But then with VLC it worked just fine. I do not understand if Airparrot can get your video on Apple TV why cant Apple modify Moutain Lion to do it. I was kind of disappointed to have apple TV and Mountain Lion but not getting the video but thanks Airparrot.

        Hi Eric, I am having the same problem. Were you able to solve that? Marco

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