Airhead Aims To Stop Helmet Hair

Airhead Aims To Stop Helmet Hair

A helmet is essential for any kind of two-wheeled vehicle, but some people resist wearing one because of “helmet hair”. I can’t help thinking that it’s more important to have a functioning skull than good-looking hair, but if it’s an issue for you, the Airhead might be the solution.

The Airhead is a plastic insert for helmets that improves air circulation, reducing perspiration and (hopefully) stopping the worst excesses of helmet hair. At $25, it seems like a pretty sensible investment. If you’ve given it a try (or have another solution), tell us about it in the comments.



    • As do micro-scooters, balance bikes, normal bikes and many more forms of transport. For none of them is a helmet “essential” unless it is required by a law enacted by a knee jerk governing body. Most European cyclists ride helmetless and they have lower injury rates and far higher participation rates. In summary – helmets suck.

        • When the mandatory helmet law was introduced, there was a corresponding sharp decline in bicycle riding due to it.
          This in turn caused cyclists to be less numerous on the roads, and (as all of us who have done research know), the less frequent occurrences on roads dramatically increase the likelihood of car accidents, meaning that cars would more often be involved in accidents with cyclists.

 – Oh, look at that! I did some research for you (this tends to work much better in debates than saying ‘read something/think about it/be smarter’)
          You’re welcome 🙂

  • I hope it doesn’t catch on. There’s a lovely self-limiting process at work with worries about helmet hair: people stupid enough to worry about it will either (a) not wear a helmet and have more fatal accidents, or (b) not cycle and suffer poorer physical health. Either way, a greater death rate for helmet-hair-worriers will result in a useful medium-term IQ boost for the human population at large.

  • I was so looking forward to receiving this. When I did I tried it in my Motorcycle helmet, however as I can’t remove the padding it felt a little too tight, (I have a very close fitting helmet to protect my noggin), so I tried it in my cycle helmet, it felt good, so I pulled it out and removed the thin felt liners in my helmet, and re-fitted the Airhead, while doing this, I noticed that 3 of the prongs seemed a bit floppy. On closer inspection I discovered the inner core of the Airhead had already snapped in three places! So very disappointed. Obviously wouldn’t stand up to being removed and replaced and given this not good value for money.

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