Add Beats Audio To Any Rooted Android Phone

HTC has released a number of phones sporting "Beats Audio", a branded equaliser that boosts the bass, among other things. XDA modder fuss132 has turned this into a flashable ZIP file that works on any phone running a Gingerbread-based ROM.

While the best way to improve your music would be to use an advanced equaliser like that in PowerAMP, our favourite music player for Android, those that don't really want to go through the work can flash the Beats Audio mod to their device instead. Just download the ZIP file and flash it like you would any other ROM with ROM Manager, ClockworkMod, or your recovery of choice.

Some people are finding their music sounds better with the mod, others are having trouble seeing a difference (though you'll probably notice it more with a nice pair of headphones). Hit the link to read more and to download the mod.

And please, guys, let's not get into a flamewar about Beats in the comments — some people love it, and that's fine for them. Let's keep it friendly.

Beats Audio for All Gingerbread Roms [XDA Developers via Droid Life]


    Supercurio - probably the most highly respected audio (among other things) developer for Android, has come out swinging against this, at least in the case of the Galaxy S II (GT-I9100), on both Gingerbread and ICS.

    After getting a decent pair of headphones I've come to have quite a vendetta against equalisers/sound enhancers. My stance is if you require things like this then the real problem is your source, your DAC, or your speakers.

    please give credits to the right person not the one that stoled my idea and work and also zip

    HTC has released a number of phones sporting “Beats Audio”, a branded equaliser that boosts the bass, among other things

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

    Could you please edit this thread to be accurate, I want to use this on my college application. the true developer of the Beats Audio Libraries is RockoDev, I simply extracted the Libraries and made a the zip ended up being able to effectively work cross android 2.3 platform. If I am not mistaken this .zip has lead to a number of other threads using the source code from RockDev's. Don't quote me on the previous part. I would really appreciate a mention of my username on XDA which is willblake13 so I can use this on my college application, at least acknowledge that you are quoting, me when you say "Though you’ll probably notice it more with a nice pair of headphones."

    Last edited 03/11/12 2:17 am

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