An Alternative Task Manager For Android

If you're not entirely happy with the way your Android phone manages multi-tasking, a new app called Taskbar Task Switcher might be the answer.

Along with a lovely interface, Taskbar Switcher intelligently displays current and recently loaded apps in your notification tray (though you're free to customise this), along with dots in the taskbar. The app can be set to start automatically when your phone boots, to save you having to do so manually. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you're disappointed with what your current Android phone offers, there's no harm in giving it a try. At the very least, it offers a streamlined and simple approach to keeping track of your active apps.

Ignore the partially-English screenshots provided by the developer — it'll look fine once installed on your device.

The app is still quite new, so if you'd like to suggest new features, it looks like the developer is taking requests over on the forums at xda-developers, which in itself is a nice bonus. Alternatively, an email link is available on the app's Google Play page.

Taskbar task switcher [Google Play, via xda-developers]


    I think it's already been posted a million times, but just in case..
    Most task managers actually chew up more battery in completing the task of removing apps, rather than just letting the device manage itself.

    Sure, there are times when it becomes beneficial (when you have almost every single app sitting in the background), but for the most part, downloading another application is just probably going to make things worse.

      I think the point of this app was to allow switching between apps, rather than it being a task killer.

      As the developer says on the original thread:
      "i've written an application that displayes recent tasks directly on the taskbar, so they can be switched very easily. I know there is a hardware button, but you have to press it for approx 2 sec"

      This is not a task killer, it's just a replacement task switcher.

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