Would You Pay $200 For A Hairdryer?

Our sibling site BellaSugar has reviewed the Ghd Air Hairdryer, the first dryer from the company that already dominates the hair straightener market. BellaSugar reckons it's a pretty good buy, but I'm wondering: would you pay $200 for a hairdryer?

Lifehacker is a big supporter of the principle that paying more for a high-quality item can make much more sense than buying a cheapie. In the case of hairdryers, it's more than I lack the expertise to pass judgement. At nearly 600 grams in weight, I probably wouldn't want to travel with one — though I guess it would have made drying clothes easier during No Luggage At All, especially since it's apparently powerful enough to move cakes of soap.

But other than that, I never see a hairdryer between barber shop visits. If you're a regular dryer user, how does this strike you? Tell us in the comments.

Review: We Put the Ghd Air Hairdryer Through Its Paces [BellaSugar]


    No WAY.. ...but then again look at my user name

    I use a hair dryer most days and while I have learned that the really cheap ones don't last long I wouldn't pay $200. The last one I bought cost $70, I asked my hair dresser to recommend one and she went so far as to buy it for me through the warehouse she has access to so that saved me about $20 as a similar model was then selling for $90. It is coming up for 10 years old and has probably been used for 10-15 minutes on at least 300 days a year since I've had it. I cannot imagine that spending another $100 would get me anything that would last longer or serve me better.

    Oh and the hair dresser tip is a good one - the big salons probably won't do it as they've got products they're trying to flog but I go to a small owner-run salon and the hair dresser sees it as an extension of her service for her regular clients - she'll get dryers, straighteners, clippers etc for her clients for what they cost her, no mark-up. Sweet deal for us but it also makes us loyal so everyone wins I guess.

    I paid $150 for mine, they usually have a higher wattage and made your hair less frizzy and shinier cause they are more powerful.

    Like skinhead, I shave my head. And my beard generally doesn't require much in the way of drying assistance.

    That said, my girlfriend does spend a bit of time and money on her hair. I think her hair dryer was a bit more than $200. I will concede that her hair has looked even nicer since she got it.

    I own a ghd straightener and I swear by it. However, like Bernadette, I own a $70 hair dryer and it does the job fine. I can't really see any reason to pay $200 for one.

    Don't really know why the bold feel the need to leave spam comments.
    I'm sure a $70 can do a job fine, but having owned a $70 and a $240 hair dryer, there really is no comparison. A $70 will dry your hair, but the $240 will dry it faster and do a better job.

    I recently bought my girlfriend a hair dryer from Myer. After a quick scan of the selection I guessed the $60-70 ones would be best. I instantly wrote off the cheap ones and then asked the store attendant to tell me why I should pay $100 for the more expensive model, especially when the specs were the same/similar. It came down to manufacturing - the $60-70 ones were made in China and had a 3 year warranty while the $100 ones were made in Italy with a 5 year warranty, but both models were equally capable or drying her hair. For goods less than a few hundred dollars I'm willing to take risks / not buy extra insurance or extended warranty, so I went with the cheaper option. In these situations after being recommended a model that's not top of the line I try to convince the salesperson to sell me the top of the line model to find out what's so good about it, but often times they can't tell me why I should get it, so I don't, unless I already researched online.

      most sales people don't know what they are selling. Wouldn't bother asking them.

    to me dryers are very similar to a straightner, not many people would buy a 60/70 straightner because in the end it takes longer to straighter than the more expensive ones like ghd. I have had both a cheap

    I used to always use cheaper ones then I bought a Karmin Salon Series which is a profesional model, HUGE differnce, it does not frizz my hair and leaces it smooth, plus it is extremely light and quiet.

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