Windows 8 Will Finally Learn To Spell Correctly

Windows 8 Will Finally Learn To Spell Correctly

Windows 8 includes some fairly major under-the-hood improvements, but also some welcome smaller changes. One I’m very happy about: UK English will be a fully supported display language, which will mean (if we’re really lucky) that the word ‘favourite’ will finally be spelled correctly

While Windows supports UK English (and indeed Australian English) for setting date formats and the like, it hasn’t to date allowed US spellings to be overridden in the OS itself. That will change with Windows 8, as Microsoft’s blog on building the OS reveals:

We are proud to announce the addition of English for the United Kingdom to the list of Windows display languages. We admit that this is something we should have done a long time ago. Windows users in the UK have gotten by with the US English version of Windows, and while we Americans knew this was not their favourite, that is clearly no defence. We believe that this version of Windows will also be widely used in India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and many other places.

Good work, chaps.

Using the language you want [Building Windows 8]


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