Windows 8 Will Finally Learn To Spell Correctly

Windows 8 includes some fairly major under-the-hood improvements, but also some welcome smaller changes. One I'm very happy about: UK English will be a fully supported display language, which will mean (if we're really lucky) that the word 'favourite' will finally be spelled correctly

While Windows supports UK English (and indeed Australian English) for setting date formats and the like, it hasn't to date allowed US spellings to be overridden in the OS itself. That will change with Windows 8, as Microsoft's blog on building the OS reveals:

We are proud to announce the addition of English for the United Kingdom to the list of Windows display languages. We admit that this is something we should have done a long time ago. Windows users in the UK have gotten by with the US English version of Windows, and while we Americans knew this was not their favourite, that is clearly no defence. We believe that this version of Windows will also be widely used in India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and many other places.

Good work, chaps.

Using the language you want [Building Windows 8]


    And by "many other places" do they perhaps mean "the entire world that isn't inside the United States"?

    That will be really nice... and i think Windows 8 will be fantastic... But i don't think they are going to support localised names for "System Center" or "Virtualization"

      Virtualization isn't actually just a US spelling. The OED prefers -z- spellings in most cases. It's only post war teaching practice that introduced first the -s- spellings more widely, and in the case of Australia, the myth that it was an Americanism. Most people react to the latter in their preferences.

      Macquarie Dictionary folks have been happy to perpetuate the myth and the rage in the interests of sales.

    I hope they include a fix in Office products to stop it randomly reverting to US English as well!

      That's not a bug. That's a complete lack of understanding as to how Office language preferences work.

        While most people don't understand how Office language preferences work, there was a bug if you worked in additional languages e.g. French or Spanish and had Language AutoDetect On. When it detected a switch back to English, it always set this text as English (US) regardless of document or keyboard preferences.

        It's a bug.

      I only found that a problem with older office products, and it was indeed annoying, but now with 2010 I no longer get that problem.

    That's great, now when can I get my hands on the public test version, been using the dev so far, but I'm hoping for the update this weekend personally! :)

    I wish Apple did this. I'm sick of 'canceling' my iPod sync.

      Maybe you should turn off automatic syncing then?
      You can actually change settings (in Lion at least) to even support Australian English. Doesn't seem to fix 'canceling' but hey, Australian English.

        Scratch that, choose British English, that one fixes 'canceling'.

        System Preferences > Language & Text > Edit List.. > British English

    This is no replacement for Australian English. I don't want to use 'programmes'.

    Thank God. This has been fucking annoying for years.

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