Who Won Our Red Balloon Valentine’s Day Prize?

Who Won Our Red Balloon Valentine’s Day Prize?

The entries for our Valentine’s Day competition, offering a $300 Red Balloon voucher, attracted some interesting, touching and horrific stories of romance gone wrong. But there can only be one winner, and that winner is . . .

Steph, who amused us with this experience:

My boyfriend took me out for a private cruise for our anniversary. The day started well, but it took a weird turn when one of the male waiters onboard was BLATANTLY hitting on my boyfriend. I felt like I was in some weird twilight zone because I was the only one that noticed it. I’m pretty sure exclusively refilling my boyfriend’s glass and touching his thigh “playfully” is flirting. To top off the evening, the captain of the boat was breathalysed for a random breath test by the water police and was found to be intoxicated. I’m not sure what was worse, the waiter slipping my boyfriend his number, or having our boat escorted back to shore by the water police.

We trust the voucher will help create a better experience this time. Congratulation Steph, and thanks everyone for entering!

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