What Can You Save With Refurb Apple Gear?

What Can You Save With Refurb Apple Gear?

As we’ve noted before, Apple keeps a tight rein on its pricing. One of the best tried-and-tested ways to get cheaper Apple gear is to use its refurbished gear outlet, which offers Apple-guaranteed geals on gear that has been factory-refreshed. Just how much can you save that way?

Gear sold through Apple’s refurb store isn’t brand-new, but it does come with a one-year warranty from Apple, matching its offer on new hardware. So if the specs meet your needs, the only practical difference is that you don’t get a shiny Apple box. Really, who cares?

Inspired by a US CNet post looking at prices there, I decided to check out what’s currently on offer in the Australian Apple store. Of course, one challenge with a refurb outlet is that there isn’t guaranteed product availability, but there are significant savings to be had, as you can see in the listing of what was on sale this morning.

As you can see from the table, much of the product on sale through the refurb store is no longer available new. When comparing Mac specs, make sure you check the processor generation as well as the speed; many of the refurb models use older i5 or i3 series processors.

Savings on iPad 2 models are a fairly consistent $110. iPod savings range between $20 and $30; the discount on Mac products is generally around $200.

Apple is certainly the most visible local refurb player, but other offers do come up; Big W, for example, regularly sells refurb Kindles. Know of other good local refurb deals? Share them in the comments.

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    • I’ve had an iPhone 3GS replaced for free (issue was my fault), an iPhone 4 replaced just recently for free (possibly was an os issue). My friend had his iPad replaced, he tried to JB and was stuck in a booting loop, but they were generous enough to replace it.

    • I don’t get people who complain when a manufacture wont replace a product that the customer broke.

      If I go buy a new Commodore and wrap it around a tree I’m not going to be pissed if Holden wont give me a new one.

      If you get a free replacement that great!! If you don’t just suck up the fact you where uncoordinated enough to break it and deal with it.

  • Have purchased ipod, ipad, and apple TV from the refurbished department. All came in new boxes, with new manuals, fresh wrapping, etc. looked like brand new, I couldn’t tell the differnce. No complaints at all.

    • Agree… I’ve bought a bunch of these things over the years, mainly iPods, for myself and family etc… and they truly are supplied in as-new condition, with all the bits-and-bobs, and the fancy apple packaging. And the warranty. And the free shipping.
      I love ordering from the refurb store in the afternoons, and the stuff arrives on my desk at work the next day.

    • Other than that, I have nothing against refurbished products. I would probably prefer one over a off the shelf brand new one. Since with refurbished stuff it has been checked over an extra time or so, correct?

  • I can also suggest following @AppleRefurbAU on Twitter if you’d like to keep an eye on deals as they go live. Mac Pros and other items don’t last long.
    (disclaimer – @applerefurbau was coded by me)

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