Weekly Wallpaper: Lifehacker Original Designs

When we write a post on Lifehacker, we have to add images. Sometimes we pull from stock photos and sometimes a screenshot will do the trick, but for our most important posts we take the time to make our own. We’ve turned some of the best into high-resolution wallpapers ready for your desktop. Come check ’em out!

Lifehacker App Directory

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1440]

The Lifehacker App Directory is a collection of our top app picks for various desktop and mobile platforms in different categories. While creating the branding for the app directory, I made this wallpaper as a bonus.

Gadget Love

Download this wallpaper [Brett Yoncak 1920×1080]

This image was created for Whitson’s 2012 Valentine’s Day tech guide, but it looked really cool so we decided it ought to become a wallpaper.

The Life-Changing PS3 Controller

Download this wallpaper [Brett Yoncak 2560×1600

This image was created for a republished article called How I Improved My Life With A PS3 Controller. We thought it would make a sweet wallpaper, so Brett (our design intern) whipped it up.

0.3 Gigahertz MOAR!

Download this wallpaper [2560×1600 Adam Dachis]

Although this exact image never appeared on Lifehacker, I’ve always intended to print it on a t-shirt for Whitson because it seems to be his motto. He likes to overclock his processors for the sake of overclocking, rather than any practical reason, and so he’s earned this badge. If you’d like to as well, read his Intel CPU overclocking guide, Intel Atom overclocking guide, and GPU overclocking guide.

Retro Gaming Laptop

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

After posting a guide on How to Turn Your Laptop Into A Retro Gaming Arcade, I received a few requests to turn the post’s title image into a wallpaper. So here it is! (It makes use of free images from PSDGraphics.)

Toolkit Laptop (Red and Blue Stripes)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

Every February, each Lifehacker writer/editor puts together a post called “What We Use” that outlines our favourite tips, tricks, hardware, and software for getting things done. (You can read them all here.) This is one version of the branding image for the 2012 edition.

Toolkit Laptop (Blue Stripes)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

Toolkit Laptop (Green Stripes)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

Organised Desktop Wallpaper Tempaltes

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

We’ve posted plenty of organised desktop wallpapers that help you section off your desktop to help you keep things neat and tidy, but when I wrote a guide called How To Design And Create A Clean, Prganised Desktop I created templates so you could easily make your own. This is just one example; click on the download link above to download a ZIP file with PNGs and PSDs for adding overlays to your favourite wallpaper images so you can have built-in organisation with any picture.

Bokeh (Purple)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

When creating the images for the Best of Lifehacker 2011 posts, which give you a look at our most popular articles from last year, we needed a background. Bokeh wallpapers tend to be popular around the new year, and I remembered this tutorial that demonstrates how they’re made. I followed it and put together many different colours of bokeh images. This is one variation.

Bokeh (Green)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

Ring of Time (White)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

When featuring The Ring of Time Desktop, we initially didn’t have the wallpapers necessary to recreate it. Since the wallpaper was so simple, however, I just made it myself. This is the black version.

Ring of Time (Black)

Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1600]

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