Vodafone Opens Up Australian Vita Pre-Orders

If you're keen for Sony's PlayStation Vita and haven't already imported your own, Vodafone Australia opened up pre-orders on its site today. The handheld gaming consoling will ship locally February 23.

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You can choose between two options:

  • paying $419 for the prepaid kit, which includes the Vita and a SIM with 200MB of data (with 30 day expiry);
  • buying on contract for $55 per month over 12 months (a minimum total cost of $660) with a 1.5GB per month plan over that time.

Both options bundle a 4GB memory card with the unit, which is nice but not pants-wetting. Pre-orders will shop on February 23, which I guess means people willing to queue at a store might get theirs faster, Australia Post or your psychotic local courier willing.



    55 a month is mighty tempting, certainly when compared to a $419 up front payment. Might have to consider it.

      It's $15 for the data and $40 for the Vita. It works out to be $480 for the Vita instead of $419 outright. But yeah if you don't have the $$ for it then this is a very tempting deal

    I'll stick with my $280 AUD order from Amazon for the 3G version with an 8GB memory card.

      With the Amazon Vita, will it work on all AUS networks?

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