Using An Outdoor Screen? Take A Groundsheet

Last week, I helped Alex at Gizmodo test out the SmartDigital Handitheatre, an inflatable screen and projector for outdoor movie fun. Regardless of whether you want to $3500+ spend on the gear, there's one clear lesson for anyone aiming to set up an impromptu outdoor cinema: use a groundsheet.

One of the obvious issues with the inflatable screen was that the display area was covered in markings. That's doubtless partly due to other reviewers having it before us, but it's also a reflection, as Alex notes, of the fact that when the screen deflated, the screen collapses onto the ground, picking up dirt and twigs and all kind of gunk. Even if you're hanging a more basic screen from your backyard washing line, you could run into similar problems. Putting down a groundsheet is an easy way to minimise the problem.


    that strikes me as a pretty big design flaw in a product that is designed to be used outside, especially when it's a pretty fragile screen like that.
    I'd be hoping that for $3.5k they'd include a dropsheet to protect the screen!

    I love the semi-yoda sentence "Regardless of whether you want to $3500+ spend on the gear"

    We a screen for about $40 from bits and pieces at Bunnings. Collapses down into a tent bag. For the odd occasion (about 4 times a year) it's a lot better than forking out $3.5k. And it's even machine washable to boot.

      *We made.
      Need more coffee...

    we bought 2 badmington/volleyball sets, 4x2m white fabric from spotlight and joined it alltogether for an outdoor screen.

    set up time, 15 minutes, pack up time 20 minutes (folding the fabric back without creasing too much is the main thing). stores in a long travel bag.

    total cost $80 + a few rivets

    has been used 30+ times in last 4 years and still looks good (could probably replace the 'screen' soon... oh another $40 in material).

    this product is overkill and unnecessary.

    overkill maybe, but i bet u can get that screen up in under 3 minutes....

      3 minutes, for that time when you NEED to unexpectedly screen a movie outside urgently. $3.5k... a fool and his money are soon parted, but hey, they get a nice frame to store footprints and grot on that they can erect in 3 minutes to show their mates.

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