Use Sugar To Clean Greasy Hands

Use Sugar To Clean Greasy Hands

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to clean off your hands after working on a car, bike, or other greasy equipment then you know that grease can stick around for days afterwards unless you really scrub down. Real Simple suggests using sugar as a hand degreaser.

Photo remixed from Tim Pierce.

Use about a teaspoon of sugar, a little water and then wash your hands as normal. If it’s a stubborn mix of grease and grime, you can also throw in some liquid dish soap. It works great and it’s a lot easier to keep around than a harsh degreaser and less gunky than cooking spray. What’s the best way you’ve found to get grease off your hands? Share it in the comments.

Sugar as Degreaser [Real Simple]


  • Heh, there’s a plethora of ways to remove engine grease from your hands, haven’t yet found a way to get around the bollocking the missus gives me when I leave engine grease on the container though! 🙂

  • Laundry Powder is the best thing out. A little pile between the sizes of a 10 & 20 cent piece ($AU) and a little bit of warm water to get it into a bit of a paste then scrub away.
    Other than the de-greasing power the coarse grain helps to get into the crevices and scrub out the grease etc. I think the grain of the sugar acts in a similar way, but not sure about the stickiness. Then again I guess there is “Sugar Soap” ;-P. Never the less I will give it a go next time I’ve been playing greasemonkey.
    Oh & the laundry powder lets you know where you have cut & grazed yourself too.

    • Oz has it right. It’s quick and efficient. It does hurt if you have cuts, but the slight pain is worth the result. To get rid of the slippery feel after rinsing, use a splash of white vinegar to neutralise the alkali, then rinse again.

  • My mother taught me olive oil and sugar or for the very greasy, kerosene and sugar. She reckoned that was what her father used (he died in 1923 so a pretty old household hint!).
    Mostly I just use the spray can of engine degreaser and rinse off with any available water.

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