Use Plastic Shower Caps To Cover Leftovers

Everyone has plastic wrap in their kitchen, but if you have a large bowl you want to get in and out of frequently, or you'd like a bowl cover for a picnic, the answer may be as simple as a plastic shower cap with an elastic band.The elastic makes it perfect for all types of containers, especially large ones. Shower caps are reusable, and they're available in packs at your local discount store (or are complimentary in just about every hotel room.)

Our friends at The Kitchn turned us on to this one, and while some of the commenters there point out it's an old trick that many a grandmother used in their kitchens, it's new to us. Plastic shower caps are cheap and reusable, and definitely more manoeuvrable than plastic wrap, especially when you have a large container to cover and you find yourself struggling with multiple sheets sticking to one another. Do you use plastic shower caps in the kitchen instead of the shower? Would you give it a shot or are you sticking to plastic wrap? Let us know in the comments.

The Shower Cap: A Surprising Kitchen Essential [The Kitchn]


    This might not be the best idea. The plastic used in these caps isn't intended for use with food. Appart from bacteria growing on it, BPAs are fairly likely to be released if the food is at all warm. Plus, you know, dandruff in your food - who wants that?

    Why not just use the actual plastic with a elastic rim they sell for this very purpose ?

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