Use Flour And Peroxide To Clean Stains On Stone

Use Flour And Peroxide To Clean Stains On Stone

Stains on stone counter-tops can be a pain to get out. Ideally, you’ll have stone sealed regularly so nothing gets through the seal, but if you’re in-between cycles or haven’t had your sealing done recently, a stray spill can turn your counter-top an unwanted colour. Thankfully, the fix is probably already in your kitchen, according to the folks at This Old House.

Grab some flour from your cabinet, and some hydrogen peroxide from your bathroom or first-aid kit. Mix the flour and the peroxide together into a peanut butter-style paste, and spread it over the stained area of tile, stone or concrete. Let the mixture sit and do its work overnight. In the morning, gently scrape it off with a plastic edge. You may need to pick up some spot-sealant to make sure the area is fully protected after it’s cleaned, but This Old House notes that between the flour, peroxide and even the spot sealant, you’re looking at about $US15, whereas a professional would charge you upwards of $US200 for even a partial clean and sealing job.

Granted, not all of us have fancy stone counter-tops or modern concrete floors, but if you do have any porous area in the house that’s prone to staining, this tip can help. Have you tried this stain removal method before? Have a better option? Share your thoughts — and alternatives — in the comments below.

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