Use A Washer To Help Solder

If you have a set of "helping hands" (alligator clips that hold the piece you're working on, usually with a magnifying glass) you can make soldering wires much easier by having the hands hold a large washer. In addition to holding your wire in place, the wires use the washer as a point of stability that will keep them from tearing apart if you use too much force.

This trick comes from next month's issue of Family Handyman magazine by way of MAKE zine. Even if you don't have a pair of helping hands, you can get the same effect by using a washer with two individual alligator clips or binder clips.

Family Handyman [via Make Zine]


    The example photo was taken by a complete soldering noob.

    i don't know any sparkies that twist two ends together by joining the two horizontally paralell facing the same direction.

    everyone i know face the two wires down each others direction and twists them flat...

      Hehe, true. Either way it is a good tip.

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