Use A Pillowcase To Dry Lettuce

We want our salad greens to be freshly washed, but we also don't want them to be wet. Most people use a salad spinner to dry their greens after washing, but if you don't have one you can get the same effect by putting your wet lettuce into a clean pillowcase and spinning it around like a centrifuge.

Culinary site also recounts that if you have a plastic shopping/produce bag you can add the wet lettuce to that along with a few paper towels and then spin for the same effect.

CHOW Tip: How to Dry Salad Without a Salad Spinner [CHOW]


    I thought people used tea towels to do this? That's how I dry my lettuce - open up a tea towel, lay down your lettuce, roll it up and spin it. At least then you're using something in the kitchen, and don't need to wash extra pillowcases

    I still remember an episode of Mr Bean where he used his sock off his foot :-)

    New low for article content. This is possibly the stupidest idea I have ever heard. I'm removing Lifehacker from my RSS readers.

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