The Windows 8 Consumer Preview Drops Soon

Microsoft is announcing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (aka the beta) this week, around 1AM (AEST) on Thursday morning Pacific time. We'll be keeping our eyes open and delivering the download link as soon as it hits the tubes, plus walking through everything that's new in the beta. So mentally prepare yourself and keep an eye on Lifehacker for the news as soon as it happens!


    The future begins now!

    *now = tomorrow.

    Super stoked to try this. Im sure lifehacker will post more info once it drops, but im just wondering what would be the best way to try this out. Run it in a virtual machine or dual-boot?

      Nah.. Just run it as your main OS, that's what I did when 7 went public, then just buy it and upgrade when the OEM comes out! :)

        However, don't forget it is a beta. So you might want to keep everything backed up especially if you're going to be using it as your main OS.

          Sounds like fun! Thanks guys.

      When I ran the developer preview, I downloaded CloneZilla (open source) and backed up my entire C drive to my USB hard-drive (3TB) then installed Windows 8. When I was done playing around, I simply ran CloneZilla again, pointed it to my C drive image file, and I was back to where I was, no formatting, no fiddly dual-boot configs or anything required.

    I am actually really excited about this!

    Im installing it on my wifes PC the moment its released. She can be the experiment.
    Letting her fumble around it and calling me for help will be a good way to learn how it works.
    Then after a month or so Ill put it on mine.

    I tried out the developer's preview way back when. It was a good start, but there were a lot of annoyances with it, so I imaged back to Windows 7 soon after. I'm guessing Microsoft have listened to feedback and fixed things such as the start menu and added more support for non-tablet machines.

    will there be a beta for the ARM version at the same time?

    Would be interesting to see some ROMs come through for formerly Android tablets....

    Cant wait A++++++

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