The Right-Angle Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Eric Shen goes the text-only route with his home screen, though with an interesting twist — a set of folders going up the right side of the screen, to mirror those on the bottom launcher.

Like many of our featured home screens, Eric is using the Minimalistic Text widget and the Simple Calendar widget. The rest of his screen, however, is fairly unique:

This is a combination of several home screens that I've seen in the past and really liked. Tapping on the clock takes me to the clock application and tapping on the weather takes me to the stock Samsung news/weather application. Tapping on the Simple Calendar widget takes me to…you guessed it, the calendar application. The most common apps I use are on the bottom of the screen on the GO Launcher dock and folders along the right side provide access to lesser used programs. My home screen is my only screen and I don't find myself in need of any other widgets because the ROM I'm running has a good pull-down toggles for notifications and WIFI, GPS, sync, etc.

The bottom row of icons are dock icons that are part of the launcher. I made the icons with Simple Text Icon Creator. The icons on the right side are just folder icons made with the Simple Text Icon Creator. I had to fiddle with the size and spacing to get it to match the dock row but the end result is nice I think. The background changes on a daily basis almost but the one shown here is a simple wood texture I found online.



    is the notification bar actually hidden or is the screenshot cropped?

    If hidden, is that the ROM or the Launcher?

      ADW launcher also hides the notification bar.....just check in the settings :)

      most custom roms you can "swipe" up the screen and it hides/ shows the notification bar

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